Alarming Sounds

For all vehicle based monitoring, from Fleet tracking to FORS approved vehicle systems we are able to fit, diagnose and repair all major systems. Based in Medway we are able to offer FORS and vehicle tracking installations throughout the UK.

Vehicle Trackers
Using a gps based vehicle tracking system has a number of benefits to both the operator of a vehicle fleet and to the driver/operator of the vehicle.

Vehicle Cameras
Being able to see 360 degrees around your vehicle has its advantages not only for parking but for meeting new government regulations for driving in the centre of London

FORS Accreditation
More and more contracts are specifying that an operator must be FORS Accredited. Our systems meet the FORS requirements and will help gain accreditation for your vehicles


FORS Accredited HGV Side Scan Systems

Alarming Sounds are approved fitters for FORS Accredited HGV Side Scan Systems. These systems not only warn the driver but also any cyclist or obstacle when they are within sensor range. Side Scan systems can be fitted to the Side, Corner, Front and Rear of the vehicle.

LIVE Link Vehicle Monitoring

LIVE Link Monitoring is a management and surveillance system that provides a wide range of functions to support fleet managers. It is successfully used in fleet operations ranging from emergency services and airside ground support, through to bus, coach and haulage operations...

TomTom Business Fleet Tracking

Alarming sounds are approved fitters for TomTom business fleet tracking systems, and have installed over 8500 trackers for them alone. With over 15 year experience in fleet management and stolen vehicle tracking, we can meet all your fleet management needs.

Phantom Fleet Tracking

For organisations that need to keep track of the location of their vehicles Phantom's Insight GPS is the ideal solution. It lets you know instantly where they are, allowing you to monitor vehicle and employee's.Alarming Sounds are able to supply & configure Phantom systems..